A Closer Look at the Artists

Circus in Heaven features an extraordinary lineup of musicians and producers.

Brad Jones is one of the most promising producers under forty working the pop network. His performances and production credits include the likes of Marshall Crenshaw, Matthew Sweet, Jill Sobule, and The Bisquits. Brad adds Moral Chain of Custody to his production credits with easygoing guidance on "Trip to Clover", "Anastasia", and "Before you close the show". Thanks Brad. Brad seldom has time to perform his own work which is always well received. Chicago based Ginger Records has recently released a Brad Jones solo record entitled "gilt-flake".

Curtis Burch contributes a magnificent dobro solo to track 2 "Meander". Curtis is a living legend in dobro circles. He began his career playing with critic's favorite New Grass Revival and most recently won a Grammy for his performance on the 1995 Jerry Douglas record entitled The Great Dobro Sessions (Sugar Hill Records). The most wonderful thing about Curtis is that he earns a living as an electrician in Bowling Green, Kentucky and seems to be unaware of his fame. Thanks for being humble Curtis.

Tommy Womack and Chris Carmichael return to the MCC Vol II lineup after contributing wonderful performances on Vol I "Recycle Love". Tommy experienced life on the road from 1985 to 1995 with Government Cheese (85-92) and the Bisquits (92-94); recordings are available through Reptile Records and Oh Boy Records, respectively. He had placed his guitar aside and was editing his rock 'n' roll memoirs during the "Circus sessions". We were able to pry him away from his computer for a day to contribute the bass track on Meander. Tommy's book "cheese chronicles" c/o eggman publishing is out and is getting great reviews. Congratulations Tommy. "Trip to Clover" and "Anastasia" are two tracks that are model recipes for no nonsense production. The guitar and vocal tracks were recorded the same day in a 3-hour session and the string sections were laid down a couple weeks later in two 3-hour sessions.

Chris Carmichael is the reason for this ease. Chris has a knack for molding string arrangements around songs without rerouting or disassembling the basic hooks. Chris, like Brad Jones, is a "Jack of all Musical Trades". As a writer/performer he was the heart of Atlantic Records recording artists "15 Strings" and he has appeared courtesy of his own good nature on countless recording projects. Most recently he has produced Anthony Crawford's 2nd solo record entitled Intentional Decoy (AC Sound Records). No one is more enthusiastic when playing than Chris. So if you've ever a chance, tap into this man for an ecstacy transfusion.

A unique vocal combination has emerged within "Circus in Heaven" that is a mixture of William Hill, Johnny Thompson, and Dan Dilamarter. It's quite nice. For the sake of continuity and background, we will attach their names to their last respective band endeavors.

They are as follows:
William Hill @ Government Cheese
Johnny Thompson @ Envy Estate
Dan Dilamarter @ The guild.

Look for their recordings in future MCC catalogs.

MCC returned to Smitty's State Street Studio to record six tracks on the Circus project. Jeffrey Smith is Smitty and the host of this homestyle studio that Mitch Easter would be proud of. MCC has sunday afternoons booked there indefinitely. Much greatness comes from these leisure afternoon sessions. Jeff co-produced the first MCC project "Recycle Love" and is currently playing regionally with the Michael Gough Group. This is a jumping delta blues trio that features Curtis Burch and Jeff Smith. Check them out for an "honest to God kneeslapping experience of a lifetime".